Fall 2022 Blazers

Falling into the Evue Lens--Inner Comfort & Ease

Hey Evue Tribe, we are entering a new season and for some, the cooler months can bring up mixed emotions. Think about it. During the Fall and Winter months we see change in our environment. We may become more isolated, or even feel some anxiety about the holidays approaching. Seasons bring about change and new directions in our lives. How do we adapt to the change is dependent on our abilities to cope effectively.

I encourage you to take a moment to go inside your heart, your mind, your spirit. How are you feeling? Are you ready for the change that's coming these next few months? Take a deep breath. Release the need to control and just move in peace that what's to come you have already been preparing for. Remember, we all have been here before. After all, Summer this year did not waste time in showing up. Breathe again my friend, and acknowledge every emotion...even the ones you don't understand. They are there for a reason and give you the awareness to explore your true self and needs.

It's time to feed into yourself, and feel up any voids you are holding in your heart as the season brings endings and newness. It's sad to know that our summer collection is coming to its end, but I also feel so excited about what is to come ahead. Can I be honest friends? I was initially nervous as Evue was entering this new season and I have been trying to focus on our mission as we create new luxury designs. There are a lot of trends out there that are flooding our time lines and it has been tempting to conform.

However what I have learned over the years is that in those moments of pressure, you have to take a break from the noise of daily life, and seek peace in the quiet moments. I believe Fall is the perfect season to do so. While I love summer weather, I also love opportunities to be authentic and welcome spiritual growth. So as you contemplate on that next Fall wardrobe, I challenge you to become conscious of your fashion choices. Wear what will speak to your heart and give you the confidence to feel great about yourself, even on those dark days or cold nights. 

We look forward to introducing you to our next collection, and because I know you all are waiting in anticipation, check out the sneak peak below from our recent company photo shoot! If you have not already signed up to our email list, please sign up to be updated on the collection's release in the coming weeks. 

Fall Tan Blazer


Fall Mustard Blazer


Fall Black Blazer Dress


Fall Green Suit

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