About Us

Who We Are?

Evue Clothing is a luxury brand that offers clothing designs to support women in their journey toward inner confidence. Clothing alone is not what defines a person, but at Evue Clothing, we understand that fashion is an opportunity to project one’s personal story. Our designs are influenced by the 60s and 70s, a time when women used fashion to pursue independence, embrace elegance, and enhance their natural silhouettes with tailored garments. What makes Evue Clothing unique is that we incorporate the idea of cultural femininity using traditional and new age styles of African fashion. Cultural femininity allows women in the Diaspora to connect their stories to other women of color, and embrace their own feminine archetypes. Our designs are made in Nigeria to maintain the intellectual protection of African fashion by it’s own people. Our goal is to also prevent the impact of fast fashion on the environment and offer economic growth in minority communities. Many fashion brands do not cater to women of color, and we support our customers in making conscious designs about brand loyalty.


Our Vision

A world that celebrates and accepts the unique styles, beauty, and feminity of women in Africa and the Diaspora.


About The Owner

"...How I define black feminity. Black feminity is the intersectionality of culture and the black women's experience." Unwana Udoko

As a graduate of social work, Unwana Udoko often studied about Womanist Psychology which is research founded by pioneers like Dr. Thema Bryant and other black women. Unwana's concept of feminity has been curated from her own personal understanding of who she is, and how she wants to define my purpose in the world. Unwana had a desire to carry my culture with her no matter where she traveled in life. The Evue experience also stems from the women that raised her and the classiness they exuded through their clothing. Unwana states "...mom always said that no matter your budget, you can make sure you look good and present yourself in a way that demands respect. I think her sentiments definitely reflect black culture and the pride we put in what we wear." Evue is not the only a definition of black feminity, but a movement for women across the world to feel confident in defining their own idea of feminine clothing. Clothing is creative expression that should not be caged or defined by societal perspectives of beauty. We become empowered when we affirm ourselves inwardly first, and that inner power is then shared outwardly to the world.