Uncaged Mindset

Uncaged Mindset

What happens to a black smart girl as she grows up? Does she disappear after some time or do they "dumb" themselves down once they realize the world does not appreciate their intelligence? Do they fall into social norms or perhaps turn into mothers. After all, the world says that is the only goal of a woman right? So what do you do in a world where your physical attributes are more valuable than what's in your head. Do you hide who you are or accept that society may never be ready for the depthness of you. What happens to intelligent black girls? At age 16 I never understood how important that question would become in my life. Ms. Powell, my English teacher, did the right thing by enlightening me on what was to come ahead, but I wonder what would have happened if she and other black women had took the time to open this discussion. Maybe then I would have seen myself as a prize possession, that should never be lessened by the injustices of this world. What happens to intelligent black woman...well we definitely don't disappear, but like caged birds we are unable to fly.  

Addendum: Don't allow societal standards to have you questioning yourself. They don't portray us in the media because they want to isolate us and keep us feeling caged. Know that you are not alone in this world and that there are other women who embody the same level of brilliance as you do. Surround yourself with positive minds and then you will be able to shine bright. If a person or thing does not value you for being you, then feel free to fly into spaces that celebrate you. Evue Clothing is making every effort to provide a safe space for women to be celebrated and valued as true royalty That’s why our logo shows a cage with only a feather left to represent the bird who has left the caged perspective. Join the Evue culture as we embark toward defining our higher self perspectives.

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