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Rimi "See Me" Mustard Blazer

Rimi "See Me" Mustard Blazer

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Rimi “See Me” Mustard Blazer is a classic vest blazer in mustard crepe constructed with silk organza sleeves to create a semi-sheer look. The voluminous Juliet sleeves create an aura of grandeur and extravagance fit for any special occasion or day when you want to make a bold statement. Whether you style it up or down, know that your energy will be speaking “see me” or Rimi in Yoruba. This blazer like all our other pieces is tailor made in Lagos, Nigeria to help support economic growth in the country.  

  • Single Breasted 
  • Fully Lined 
  • Crepe 
  • Organdy  
  • Length 35’’ 
  • Model is wearing a size 10 
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